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Art Studio

We own a special ART DESING SUTDIO for classical art works reproduction and new art works creation.

With high level artists, we have been obtains large design for our work for reproductions and new design creations. Here trained professionals ply their craft with stunning results. This is a great place to develop corporate identity pieces, public art projects
and monuments.
Reproduction procedure
• Get the detail picture from client
• Make the clay model base on the picture
• change the clay model till 100% stratification from client
• Transfer the clay mode to hard fir glass model
• Stone carvers to carve one stone base on the fiberglass model
• Getting artist supervisor approved
• Sending the final reproduction works picture for client reference
• After 100% approved by clients, we arranged to pack it and ship it.

reproduction clay model making Reproduction from printing
meters high clay model Beijing airport Relif model
Beijing airport Relief model Relief repoduction
Reproduce the buddha from small model  
For more designs not listed on the website, Please contact our salesman Immediately !